Article – Broadcasting Career

The following is an excerpt from an Article published 7/31/2003 in John Molori’s Media Blitz column in The Eagle-Tribune. Copyright © 2003 Eagle-Tribune Publishing.


Jerry Remy (right) beginning his broadcasting career.

Remy credits longtime partner Sean McDonough with bringing him to another level as an analyst. “Sean brought out the best in me,” he says. “He is absolutely brilliant. He is not afraid to offer his opinion and has tremendous recall.”

“I feel that he is one of the best baseball announcers in the business, even at the network level. I credit him for my success in this business.”

Remy calls Sox games with McDonough this season on WBZ and UPN38.

The strength of the tandem is their in-game discourse.

“He offers his opinion and I offer mine. His knowledge of the game creates the interaction,” says Remy. “Sean makes me think. We let the game dictate where our conversations will go, but we are not afraid to tackle a particular issue surrounding the team.

“Sean and I are great friends off the air. I’ve gotten along with all the guys I’ve worked with, from Ned to Bob Kurtz to Sean to Don Orsillo. I’ve never had a problem with any of them.”

Orsillo has worked NESN games with Remy since 2001. He speaks glowingly of his partner. “My first year, Jerry taught me so much, simple things like where to sit on the plane or how to get in and out of the stadiums,” says Orsillo. “He took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. During a game, he thinks like a manager. He is always one inning ahead of the action. I have learned what questions to ask him to draw the best out of him.”

Orsillo marvels at Remy’s current celebrity status.

“He kind of fell into it,” Orsillo explains. “If you work with Jerry, you are going to have fun. He has definitely brought out more of my personality.

Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo

Don Orsillo (left) and Jerry Remy (right) broadcasting on NESN

When I started, he told me to call my game and have as much fun as I could. He is a great analyst and a great character. I credit him for everything I’ve achieved doing Red Sox games.”

Just as Ned Martin schooled Remy back in 1988, Remy has, in turn, helped Orsillo grow into his position.

“People who do play-by-play are the real pros,” says Remy. “I remember how Ned treated me and I offer similar suggestions to Don. It’s sometimes tough for a new guy to get his feet on the ground, but Don does a terrific job and has a great voice.”