Facebook Profile Frames


Choose one of our FREE Facebook Profile Picture Frames or the Cancer Sucks Picture Frame for $1.99 and support the American Cancer Society!

All proceeds from the Cancer Sucks Picture Frame will be given to the American Cancer Society by The Remy Report.

You can only order ONE frame at a time. If you want to order more than one, you will need to place individual orders.

*The amount remitted to the American Cancer Society is roughly $1.60 per frame, which is the selling price of $1.99 less the credit card processing fee.

Printable instructions for applying your picture frame can be found in the DESCRIPTION below.  You can view/print these directions at any time. If after reading them you feel you will not be able to apply the photo frame on your own, we can do it for you for a small service fee per photo. We would love to do this for free as we have in the past, however, the sheer volume and time it takes to process the orders no longer makes that possible.


Profile Frame Application * 

Please choose if you will add the frame yourself or if you would like The Remy Report to apply it for you, for a fee.

Email address ONLY IF WE are applying the frame for you.

Please enter the email address we are to use to email your image once it is complete. You do NOT need to provide email if you are applying frame on your own.

Optional – Phone Number – ONLY IF WE are applying the frame for you.

Provide a phone number where you can receive a text to let you know your order is ready!

Upload Your Image ONLY IF WE are applying the frame for you.

Upload your Facebook profile image BUT ONLY IF WE ARE APPLYING THE FRAME FOR YOU (for $1.50). DO NOT upload any image if you are applying the frame on your own.

(max file size 64 MB)

Verify information * 

Before you check out, please verify that you provided the necessary information if you chose to have The Remy Report apply your profile frame.


Once you have downloaded the frame file from The Remy Report, there are two options to apply the Facebook Profile Picture Frame on your own. You can use any photo editing software that allows you to layer (place) one image over another, and that is likely the easiest way to choose.  There are hundreds of FREE photo editors for your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

If you do not wish to use a photo editor, you have an option to upload and apply it directly through Facebook. The directions can be viewed and / or printed at the following link:

Profile Frame Directions